Taxi Rooftop Advertising w/ Full Window Stickers & Backseat Advertising

Taxi Rooftop Advertising w/ Full Window Stickers & Backseat Advertising 2017-03-28T15:02:06+07:00

Taxi rooftop Advertising, Rear window and backseat advertising in Thailand is a complimentary marketing channel to help your brand increase awareness “offline.” Unlike traditional outreach campaigns using SEM, SEO marketing, Pay per click, Google Adwords, or Facebook Ads this new vehicle & outdoor advertising outlet can help “remind” your customers about you especially in busy cites such as Bangkok and Phuket.

Imagine a Bright Attractive LED Billboard Ad on Wheels With Your Message Broadcasting in The Busiest Sections of the City 24/7

Now imagine that that attractive billboard ad is triple-sided with night LED lights constantly at the eye levels for pedestrians and other vehicles. This innovative and cost effective advertising is constantly on the move in the busiest cities in Thailand. From the airport to the centre of town, and any major intersections, malls, schools,nightclubs,convention centers,hotels and beaches, cabs and Tuk Tuks’ are everywhere.

Window Stickers

The taxis in Thailand are everywhere and can broadcast your message 24/7 to new captive eyes around the city. Inceva believes that for some brands, rooftop advertising is stunningly inexpensive, deliciously different and extremely unique.

In–Taxi Advertising Can Be a Very Effective Strategy when Combined with Online







Some Benefits to Advertising on Taxi Rooftop Advertising, Taxi rear window ads and backseats ads include:

  • One of the lowest CPM ( Cost per Thousand ) of ALL marketing channels

  • Vehicle Advertising has a near 97% recall rate and boosts name recognition and brand awareness nearly 15X more than traditional print media
  • Taxis in Bangkok and Phuket deliver a high level of reach and frequency by traveling nearly 5,000 KM per week
  • Taxi rooftop advertising offers superior levels of recall (45%), reaching a local business and tourist audience en route to and from the airport, sporting events, shopping centres and restaurants
  • Unlike the hectic surroundings outside, the inside of a Taxi is an extremely captive environment. Interruption marketing is SIGNIFICANTLY more effective in a quiet, 1 on 1 environment such as the back seat of a Taxi. Unlike TV and Radio, you cant switch it off.
  • Illuminated advertising has proven to increase audience impact by atleast 16%
  • People are much more attracted to color and movement

Why Choose Inceva Outdoor Marketing?

Taxi rooftop and backseat advertising are a clutter free advertising medium proven to:

  • Increase consumer retention (Branding)
  • Improve consumer awareness (Product launches)
  • Increase consumer responses (Time sensitive messages and interactive mobile marketing)
  • Significantly Increase your leads and sales

The City Never Sleeps. Neither Should Your Company Branding

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