Successful entrepreneurs and companies do not hesitate to hire strategic planning consultants to help them identify new opportunities for growth and development. Successful people recognize that new ideas and fresh (independent) perspectives provide them with the tools necessary for making smart business decisions.

Large enterprise level companies usually already have resources and internal expertise to put Strategic ideas to work. Start-Ups and small companies however don’t typically have that luxury. Small and Medium size companies usually lack expertise or resources to implement strategic plans for day-to-day operations thus hampering potential growth. This doesn’t mean that small companies cannot use strategic planning, it just means they have to be very selective and thoughtful about how and where to deploy limited resources in order to get the best overall R.O.I.

A Strategic Business consultant like Inceva can provide your company the expertise needed to enhance your business model by guiding you thorough simple, rational and objective tactics.

Small Business Consulting Services

When done in-house, Strategic meetings by a CEO or senior executive usually turn into wasted staff meetings. Employees and “Yes Men” never ask the right questions leading to repetitive group-think exercises. Sensitive issues are nearly always avoided & past failures get buried deeply under the rug to “keep face”. This vicious cycle accomplishes nothing and organizational weaknesses never get addressed preventing the company from fixing previous mistakes, identifying new opportunities and reaching higher potential.

A Strategic business consultant and advertising agency like Inceva infuses fresh new ideas, perspectives, experiences and knowledge independent from the burdens of existing office politics, employee sensitivities and company culture. Inceva marketing agency helps to facilitate a functional planning process and acts like a sounding board for the CEO and upper management to improve business operations.

Such a desire to improve using external help doesn’t always happen however and its very common for senior management to feel threatened or uncomfortable about bringing in outside help. When this occurs, companies suffer with poor decision making for years until a competitor takes them out permanently.  If new ideas are not implemented properly or a business consultant is hired too late, valuable time will undoubtedly have been lost, with much fewer opportunities available to help turn a business around.

Inceva Business Consultancy offers aninnovative approach to strategic planning in the following core areas of business:


Our Consulting Agency offer powerful solutions offers sound strategic planning based on detailed analysis of the fabric of your business. We understand objectivity is often difficult for entrepreneurs who put their heart and souls into their business. The value we provide as an independent & objective auditors of your current business model allows you as a decision maker the ability to face confront any issues head-on and in a realistic manner. This honest assessment is critical to your future success and ensures the future outcomes are aligned with the objectives set forth by the management team and/or business plan.







You Hire Inceva Business Consulting Services to:
•    Define your business strategy and objectives
•    Gain unparalleled objectivity
•    Prepare a business plan before launching a new venture
•    Get an in-depth analysis of current business operations
•    Add needed muscle without adding any overhead
•    Develop and refine a detailed marketing strategy (step by step)
•    Improve current online marketing efforts and website rankings via Search Optimization

We works with small,medium enterprise organizations with a minimum of 4 employees or more that want to be fast paced, flexible and lean to the ever-changing needs of their clients and customers. The companies we help, have the powerful ability to quickly react to any changes in the marketplace and exploit them before anyone else.

Hiring us is a very cost effective solution to complex problems associated with lead generation,marketing and advertising. Solving these lingering issues will help you get to the next level by allowing you to implement change quickly and effectively. You don’t need to invest in hiring more staff and/or permanent management when you can just use Inceva as “hired guns” or virtual staff. Inceva business consulting solutions understands the need to reduce your costs and increase your revenue and can help you leverage your efforts with fresh new ideas and rock-solid business solutions to take your business to the next level.

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