Why Inceva? We Deliver Results not Excuses!

Our mission at Inceva is to increase the profitability of your business product or service. We help craft your online presence by transforming your marketing message and websites’ traffic into tangible conversions and sales.

We understand that taking control over your entire online and offline marketing message can seem like a daunting task at first. But when it comes to advertising,online marketing,lead generation and analytics the team at Inceva can get you the results you need with our any headaches. Through our expertise, energy and experience you can easily succeed in your competitive field.

Our experience in the search optimization field (SEO) field is second to none. We know how to tailor our campaigns to achieve the results you need in order to outrank your competitors.

How Does Inceva Earn Your Trust?

First we need to possess an in-depth understanding of all the challenges and obstacles you are facing as an business. We believe that ONLY way to achieve this vital step is with an intensive questions and answers session (30-60 minutes) with you. This can help us with all the requisite information to completely understand what exactly what is required in a systematic and detailed manner. Be help build the blueprint to your companies marketing success.

This Q&A session will help us both with a detailed assessment about what is needed and the overall quality of our services along with the level of commitment we have for your SME venture or project. Our objective is to seamlessly blend your vision with ours and then execute it accordingly.

“Without Drilling There Is No Oil”

If we don’t ask the tough questions we will not find the hidden gems in your business product or service. We must therefore ensure that we address all the necessary questions to establish a baseline that we can use to build up from.

We Implement
 The Advertising & Marketing “Game-Plan”

As soon as we get the thumbs up from you, we proceed quickly to building a “game plan” Starting with our core area of expertise; marketing,google adwords management and lead generation. Here we will cover all the specifics of your new marketing plan, including strategies to target specific demographics,establish analytics, mobile marketing plan,social media marketing,Search Engine Optimization ,Pay Per ClickSearch Engine Management  and online reputation management plan.

We Measure – Inceva Advertising Analytics

The last step in your project is having detailed analytics assigned to sales and lead generations tasks that will show you what is working and what is not. Your true conversion rates and (ROI) Return On Investment can ONLY be determined if you know how the money you spend is working for you. This step can drastically change the results of most marketing campaigns since you will only be spending money on what works and eliminating all expenses relating to what doesn’t produce any desired results.

To learn more about the Inceva team or to schedule a complimentary marketing audit please contact us.