3D QR Codes & Sunlight to Create Discounts Coupons During Slow Times

Asian E-Commerce giant Emart recently created giant 3D QR code sculptures throughout Seoul that can only be scanned using smart mobile phones between 12pm and 1 pm every day.  Customers have access to these dynamic 3D coupons only during slow shopping hours or lunch time.

Periodic lulls are a fact of life for all retailers and have seen dozens of marketing gimmicks including daily deal emails or happy hour specials. This new concept takes the coupon clipping experience to a new interactice art experience that takes more efforts but yields much higher engament and subsequent customer loyalty. Emart recently began this campaign by placing 3D QR code sculptures throughout the metropolitan city of Seoul. Consumers who play along are rewarded with discounts through a celver new  QR code that relies exclusively on shadows that occur during the peak sunlight hours between 12 and 1 pm each and ever day. Scanning the 3D codes on thier mobile phones takes consumers to a dedicated landing page with access to special offers such as a coupon worth 360 Thai Baht. Purchases  can even be made via their smartphones for direct delivery to the consumer’s home or office.

The creative new viral promotion has been a gigantic hit. Emart reportedly has seen new memberships skyrocket by over 60% in over the previous months registrations (Feb 2012), Emart also observed a boost in sales of nearly 25% during the advertising campaigns targeted time or lunch hours.

Check out the following video for more details:

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