100,000 Baht Sponsorship For Non-Profits & NGO’s in Thailand

Inceva Thailand announces an Annual 100,000 Baht Sponsorship for registered Thailand based non-profits and NGO’s. The Inceva sponsorship was established in 2011 to help better define and promote a non-profits prime directives towards compassion, good-will and tolerance towards humans and animals alike.

We are proud to help non-profits and NGO’s spread their message of kindness and goodwill to millions more people across the world who would love to help if they only knew about the cause.

Inceva established this marketing sponsorship as part of its mission to support the often underfunded charities who’s men and women devote their life to helping the community and others. The managing directors previous volunteer missions in Laos,Thailand and Cambodia helped strengthen his philosophy if helping those who help others.

The Inceva sponsorship fund is an extension of the organization’s efforts to help non-profits and NGO’s deliver their message of goodwill to a larger more financially sustaining audience.

The sponsorship selection committee asks all eligible non-profits and NGO’s currently in operation in Thailand to mail or email us a request for consideration with the following 3 questions answered:

1) What is the mission or objective of your charity, non-profit or NGO?
2) Are you legally registered in Thailand to conduct business?
3) Main contact name and telephone and email


The deadline for all applicants is July 1st, 2012

The Inceva will select one qualified organization each year for this sponsorship. Inceva will assist the business better define and refine the companies message or marketing campaigns through targeted outreach campaigns for a period of 60 days and 100,000 Baht worth of consulting services and products. All marketing costs, software, education and training will be provided free of charge to the winning non-profit via personal visits, seminars and/or hands-on workshops. Inceva will also provide proprietary marketing donation management system with analytics and support along with and a vast array of online and printed materials.

Free personal training will be provided to the staff and management of the winning charities, NGO’s and non-profits.

Companies and representatives interested in the marketing sponsorship may contact an Inceva representative in English or Thai at 081-123-2713.

Request may also be emailed to info@ inceva.co.th

Mail requests for sponsorship can be sent to the following address:

Inceva Non-Profit Sponsorship
83/150 Phayathai Rd
Phayathai, Ratchathewi
Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Request Proposal