Business Optimization: R.O.I. Driven Marketing For Thai SME’s

In today’s networked world, even small businesses must think globally and compete intelligently and aggressively. If you don’t think differently and act boldly, someone else will. Mistakes will be made, opportunities will be lost, and your Business may not get the chance to Succeed.

We offer the full range of Search Engine services that will help you generate qualified leads to convert into new business. We understand your business and customers and develop a complete SEO plan with content to engineer the perfect online marketing strategy to boost your site search engine rankings organically. Inceva SEO services include niche research, high-powered link building, on-page and off-page optimization and quality content creation to get you the results you want.Organic Marketing Strategies

Inceva business optimization and business consulting division offers strategic planning solutions for SME’s based in Bangkok,Phuket,Chiang Mai,Pattaya and Samui based on demo-graphic and psycho-graphic segmentation of your existing customers with detailed analysis of data metrics that are relevant to your product and/or services. The value we provide through our data driven strategies will help you focus on the difficult issues preventing you from the next level of growth in a realistic and objective manner.This assessment is critical to the success of your overall business plan and ensures the outcomes are aligned with the objectives set by the management team.B2B & B2C Lead Generation

social media marketing expertise can help drive more organic traffic to your website and business by increasing brand awareness through channels like Twitter,Facebook,Sanook and Pantip. Social Media targeting allows natural relationship building with your core customers through consistent contact and engagement through online reputation management.Social Media Solutions

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Inceva can help your product or service achieve that next level of growth. We help identify new business opportunities by analyzing new prospects, existing customers, and current market segments. We work with you to develop actionable plans that deliver tangible results.

  • Attract New Customers
  • Retaining Existing Customers though Software Automation
  • Cross-marketing To Existing customers
  • Creative Holistic Marketing Strategies for 2014 and Beyond

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Mobile ready Responsive Websites and Mobile Phone Apps are no longer just an option. They are now REQUIRED to compete. In 2013 there will be more mobile internet users in Thailand than traditional desktop internet users. Mobile ready websites and app marketing can be much more profitable than traditional non-mobile ready websites. Don’t let the competition beat you to it. Learn how Inceva Mobile Marketing can help you develop powerful “mobile-ready” websites or build a full-featured custom mobile application development for iPhones,iPad,Android,Blackberry,Windows Mobile,Nokia and Bada mobile operation systems.Mobile App Development

SEM & PPC Pay-per-click management offer business owners Immediate sales with positive return on their investments. Inceva PPC campaigns allow you to “manage” search engine phone and website leads by exposing your message to the right audience. Unlike traditional advertising channels such as magazines,newspapers,yellow pages,billboards,TV & Radio, Pay-per-click campaigns are measurable on a very detailed level. Knowing your cost-per-click or cost-per-acquisition (lead cost) is critical to assess the true benefits and costs of any advertising campaign. CPC advertising can be the most effective & cheapest advertising channels around if used properly.PPC & Google Adwords

Inceva is the bridge between your ideas and success. We offer complete corporate identity packages and business services including,new website cost estimator, website redesign,logos & mobile website development. Other services include business Facebook Business Pages,Facebook advertising and Facebook apps,eCommerce solutions,business cards & identity packages,international web hosting (Cloud and CDN options) domain registration, web hosting and web design Bangkok for SME’s and start-up companies in ThailandWeb Development Solutions